Su Palu Cave is part of the karst system of Rio Codula Elune, that is a totality of caves randomly connected and linked to the outside by one or more entrances that covers in total 42 km of underground cavities, representing the Sardinia’s longest complex, and for now the third in Italy.

Palu runs for about 15 kilometers on several levels and deepens to over 150 meters. The connection to the rest of the system is given by a deep flooded tunnel. The cave is formed by salt and long tunnels hundreds of meters long, and a few dozen high and wide.

The beauty of the environments, both for their majesty and the richness of concretions, has attracted the first explorers who have distinguished them with names that recall the fantasy worlds and fairy-tales: the lake of the fairies, Lilliput and Disneylandan.

Inside there are two rivers that flow to the submarine source located near the beach of Cala Luna on the coast of the Bue Marino (Sea Ox).

The entrance is located in the north eastern part of the territory of Urzulei near the locality of Bacu su Palu from which it takes its name.