The wildlife area is located approximately at 800m. (sea level) in Sa Portiscra on the Supramonte of Urzulei. The access to the area is from the Km. 187 of the SS 125 – Orientale Sarda, in Ghenna ‘e Petha near to Sìlana. The area can be reached by car. The natural aspects of the area are still well preserved: important relics of ancient forest of oak and majestic junipers, rare wild orchids, peonies and many other local plants. From these slopes hovers, among others, the Sardinian goshawk and the majestic golden eagle. The mouflon, wild boar, wild cat, marten and fox gladly live in this area. These and other characteristics are the reason why this location was chosen as the site for the reintroduction in Supramonte of the Sardinian deer after its extinction occurred here in the early 1900s. Next to the oasis you can visit the nuragic village of “Or Murales” which, with about 100 huts, preserved in good condition and kept hidden in the vegetation, is one of the largest and most spectacular of Sardinia; and the just as special sheepfolds in limestone and juniper that, although abandoned, retain their original features.

Departure from Ghenna ‘e Petha (over 900 meters above sea level, at km 187 on 125) and, along a dirt road for 2800m, you reach the entrance of the faunistic area where, parked the car, you continue on foot for the real hike. Crossing for a hundred meters, you can already see the first sheepfold (su barraccu) complete with fence for goats (sa court) and shelter for the pigs (cùmbula). All sheepfolds in the area are entirely built from limestone and juniper beams, expertly woven by the forest corporation. From the first sheepfold you have to follow the path that leads to the other two sheepfolds (or Mouflons), with shelter for the pigs, adjacent to a piece of land surrounded by a dry stone wall, which was, until the ’60s, farmed by the sheperd where he also stayed for even a month. Following the path you reach the panoramic area from which, on the balcony overlooking the Codula of Luna, you can admire the limestone mountain range of Monte Oseli that slopes down to Cala Luna.

From here you get to the crossroad where you can choose whether to continue to explore other sheepfolds or, following the directions, visit the nuragic village of Or Murales.