Panoramic route – easy hiking: Departure by jeep with guide from the Gorropu Base Camp (ss 125 km 190,50). After traveling on a panoramic stretch of the highway 125, you go into the Supramonte of Urzulei to appreciate the limestone landscapes of  Campu Oddeu (from where you can admire a breathtaking view, overlooking from a natural terrace) and of Campos Bàrgios. You reach the site of Sa Sedda de as Bacas and from this site you cross an easy trek of about 1 km full of attractions such as the monumental Yew and the Tomb of the Giants of Su campu de sa Càrcara, the sheepfold of Sa Sedda de as Bacas. Then continue until you reach S’Ischina de s’Arraica, from here we can admire the vast landscape of the primary forest of oak of Orgosolo and its stunning Nuraghi Mereu and Presetu Tortu, the cave of Su Cunnu de s’Ebba and the waterfall of the Sa Giuntura that marks the entrance of the canyon Gorropu. At this point we return on the off-road vehicle, in a same way backwards journey to Campu Oddeu. From here you head towards to the pastoral settlements of Telefai and Fennau until you reach the locality of S’Arena where lies the omonimous tombs of the giants. Here you can admire a beautiful landscape that stands out from the Gennargentu to the Supramonte and with the beautiful view on limestone heels of Monte Novu S. Iubanne (Orgosolo). From here you take the path back.